Cutie Bee Amigurumi Crochet


Is TGIF again~~~ While most of us are complying with the MCO (Movement Control Orders), never forget to keep ourselves happy and be positive instead of wasting your energy to be grumpy.

Take this opportunity to be grateful because you finally can experience working from home and able to stay at home most of the time with your family and have more private time and space to clear your outstanding task peacefully.

I actually like the feeling of working from home because I don’t have to waste my energy stuck in the heavy traffic. I don’t have to face my client because we can communicate through WhatsApp/email. (Some client can be very selfish and arrogant so is best to avoid them because you know you can’t SLAP them =P) and most important is, once time off, I can switch off my working PC and start the 2nd session of my work which is crochet and blogging.

Look at this cutie Bee. So beautiful and cute. I wish to take this opportunity to appreciate all the front-liners Heroes who are fighting for us during this crucial period of time. All of us can stay very comfortable at home while they have to risk their life to cure the affected virus patients.

Thank You Heroes~~


Burt The Baby Honey Bee Pattern by Storyland Amis.




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