Following The Right Influencer Will Lead to Happiness


The social media platform is leading more people to depression and anxiety journey. This problem is unavoidable and undeniable. However, I notice that if you are following with the right influencer, or read the right information, it will be leading you to learn more new things/info which you are not aware of.

MysteryI have been looking for happiness around so that I can learn to be happier and also share the happiness energy around. That is why I always choose to follow the right influencer. I feel they are leading me to love myself more, be more appreciative and grateful and learn more knowledge. I have followed a number of influencers but when it comes to the posting by the below influencers, I normally will go through in more details:

  1. Passion Planner – If you are a planner or journal person, Passion Planner gives you new ideas on how to fill in your planner for the week and they share a lot of positive information with their followers. Gives you fresh ideas for happiness =)
  2. Laura|Whatshotblog – If you are a books and library enthusiastic person, Laura page and blog will be your favorite drop by because she shares a lot of information about books and the library (my favorite place). Thanks for her recent post I am now trying out Scribd free for a month. ^.^ Y
  3. Calm – If you love reading quotes to motivate yourself, Calm shares positive and grateful post.
  4. Curejoy – If you are looking for advice for beauty, health care fitness, you can follow Curejoy for more extra information.
  5. Dhar Man – I love Dhar Man Facebook page because all his sharing, clips and advice is teaching us to be more grateful and be more appreciative of people surrounding us. See the recent clip.

You see, social media might not be very bad if people are following the right page. If you are following pages that promote branded stuff, you only chasing for materialistic lifestyle. If you are following pages about improving your lifestyle, every day you are learning how to be happy, be grateful and learning new knowledge.

Sometimes it's not giving others what they deserve from you and instead imparting grace and forgiveness, and going your separate ways in peace.

Happy Wednesday and hope everybody is having a good time working from home.

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