Bunny Crochet Bookmark


Today marks the 3rd day of the Movement Control in Malaysia. All starting to listen to the rules because authority is giving warnings and penalty for those who are stubborn and not the following instruction. Luckily is just controlled movement, not totally a lockdown. At least we are still allowed to go out and buy the essential items.

I seriously hoping everybody able to follow instruction and minimise going out. Hopefully we able to get our freedom soon. In this meantime, stay at home and this is a very good opportunity to spend more time with family, watch TV drama and read some books. Hey, how often you get to slow down our world and do something more relax right.

I get to do more crochet project and read more books. I always like to spend my quite and slow (or some people always tell me is boring time) moment at home. Is lovely and I really appreciate this extra time given. Thanks to Yarnwave free pattern, I can come out with the cute bookmark for my book. You guys can get the pattern here.


It looks cute~~


Is another weekend again and may everybody stay safe and be grateful that you have extra time now to stay with your family.


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