How Do You Stay Peace and Positive?


Have you ever feel frustrated because of somebody’s behavior? That somebody can be your colleague, friends, clients, family members or your partner? I do. I hate it sometimes because of their action it will affect my mood, my thinking and my day.

This is bad because I will have no appetite to eat and I feel down the whole day. The scene will stick in my brain and I will be thinking why all these people do this and before they do that, didn’t they think they have hurt people’s feelings? I always tell myself to ignore it because there is no point in thinking about it as I am not able to change people’s behavior and thinking. It is not easy seriously because sometimes it still affects me badly.

I know the best way to always stay peaceful and positive is to IGNORE and DO NOT REACT.  I  like this article shared by The Minds Journal. “Slowly I’m Learning To Not React, To Ignore Things That Bother Me, To Let Things Be…” Great article. Sometimes is really tiring to care too much how other people feel when they don’t even bother to care about your feeling.

I like this sentence the most:

I have slowly learned that my reactions cannot change people and make them love me. It is better to let go of some things. We need to stop chasing the ones who are leaving. It’s useless to waste time behind things that are not in our hands.”

So again, it is all about ourselves again. It is me myself absorbing all the negativity and brings it to the bed with me. What do I gain? only tears dripping and anxiety feeling thinking that I am not good enough.

I need to put more energy focusing on what I want to achieve. Why waste my energy to figure out what other people want? If they want something from me, they will have to ask permission to see if I am willing to do it or not. Right?

Resourceful Soul giving us tips on 4 Changes to Make to Stop Being Negative.

Have a great new week ahead.


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