Good Things Take Time


People always say Good Things Take Time. Yap, to find my happiness and also the living purpose of my life takes time too. Seriously is not easy because there were times when I feel like give up and walk away with what I have started. Frustration and tired feeling drag you down to a negative feeling.

Every time whenever I have the negative thought, I will just take some time off and walk around in a quiet place and put my positive thought back in order and go back on track to fight again. I keep reminding myself that nothing is easy because if things are easy, everyone will be doing it as well.

That is why I love Pinterest so much because whenever I am lost and demotivated, I will sit down in front of my laptop and search for positive thought at Pinterest to start motivating myself again. Thanks to all the creative sharer too because your positive sharing makes me stand up on my feet again whenever I feel like giving up.

I like the sharing of Emily. She have shared the 10 amazing motivational quotes for work in her blog. I mean, of course, everything still depends on an individual to make it happen, but at least all this amazing quotes give you some positive thought to move forward. You want it, you have to work for it.

I have started my Kittypiggy Handmade page and they are moving forward very slowly now. Is not easy because I trying my best not to use the SEO method or pay for likes at this moment. I just want to share my sincere happiness to people who need it.

I have made a few amigurumi for my husband as he is leaving his current company and moving to a new company. He wants to give his colleagues some gift, so I propose to handmade a few amigurumi dolls key chains for him. What do you think? I was thinking of making extra and sell it on my page. What do you think?


Pattern for:

  1. Little Rabbit 
  2. Baby Whale
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Baby Octopus
  5. Cupcake 

Have a great and wonderful weekend =)



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