Habits Of Happy People


Everybody wants to be Happy or wish to be Happy. However, not everybody able to achieve that. There are always excuses for you to be unhappy. Today you tell yourself to be happy because it is a good brand new day, however, at work, your superior rejected your idea and did not give you a chance to further elaborate, you get very sad and unhappy for the whole day.

Of course, I have yet to achieve Happiness habits yet, but I am still learning. Learning to be happy you will need to:


  1. Ignore nonsense people or situation that happen around you,
  2. Talk less, because sometimes nonsense people talk “crap”, you don’t have to argue with them and absorb their negative energy. Just listen and let it flow out naturally.
  3. Learning new skills will make you ignore negativity because you are very focusing on your new objectives. When you achieved it, the satisfaction is always there =). Try out Udemy. They have a lot of online classes. I am learning the aromatherapy courses now =).
  4. Help the less fortunate people. You don’t have to spend a fortune to help other people. A small amount may be helpful or you can be kind to them by treating them well and respectful.
  5. Laugh Out Loud!!! Reading broadens your mind. Reading also broadens your mood because going through some funny articles makes you happy too. Go through the Laugh Out Loud page to have some fun.
  6. Wake up early is a habit that I am trying to follow because I am not a morning person. I know by waking up earlier, I can be more organize and prepared before I go to work, but…… Still trying~~~ =.=”
  7. If you help other people but you wish to get a return, you are not helping with a sincere heart. You are just doing it for the sake of showing so when you do not get any return/praise you fell unhappy and not appreciated. If you work with a company for a very long period, but all this while you are just working without contributing any extra effort to the company and you think you are entitled to be promoted but you are not in the promotion list…Oppps… You feel that is not fair and you are very unhappy with the company. When you do any action with a sincere heart and never expect a return, the goodwill comes to you naturally without you asked for it.

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