Smile and Let It Go~~


Yes, is only 3rd month of the New Year and we have already faced so many unhappy news. For us in Malaysia has changed a new government and we have the 8th Prime Minister. A lot of Malaysian are unhappy with the result and start complaining and complaining and complaining.

Me? Instead of using my energy to complain,  I used it to focus on my new crochet project and sharing positive notes around. Some may say, you are not contributing and we should fight for our right. I will say I am contributing by not spreading more negative energy around and learn to accept that we might not be able to change anything by spitting negative statement around.

You just have to let go and move on. Some situations might not turn out what you expected. There is always ups and down moment. Instead of holding a grudge of the current changes, why don’t used the energy to move on and look for a better solution and improve the mistake?


Is March and is a new month, Smile more because it makes you attractive and stays positive.


Happy Monday ^.^

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