What Is The Main Toxic In Your Mind


While I am doing ironing at home, I am thinking of what should I do to improve myself. I have been maintaining my sharing in my page and so far I am grateful that people are dropping by. Not a lot but I still appreciate it as it is a good start.

I sometimes struggle with a new project and new content because I don’t have the time to do more reading and research. I was not feeling very well since Chinese New Year till now and the bad feeling is not improving, so I was planning to visit the doctor but I finding the right time to go see the doctor. I want to practice my sewing skill but I am always busy with my daily work I don’t have the time.


In just few lines, I have 3 excuses to delay my goals of improving myself. Guess what, the main toxic that delaying my goals is EXCUSES. We always give ourself excuses whenever we don’t feel like doing the task. Is always I want…….but…… end up we will say I will do it when…….. so I was telling myself, how should I improve my excuses?

Thanks to Sydney Nordquist sharing on A Simple Word Swap To Eliminate Your Excuses. Replace your “can’t” to “won’t” and I added, “if I don’t” ^.^

So I should tell myself that, I won’t have a new project and new content because I won’t have the time to do more reading and research if I don’t learn to be more organized. I won’t be able to be healthy if I don’t make a move to book an appointment to see the doctor.

I guess, my things are not moving is all because of my excuses and not because of time =)

What do you think?

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