Let’s Hope For Peace, Love, Happiness


Hi Monday, is another new week again.

Yesterday my husband was watching this LIVE news about our Malaysia politics and because I am not a person who follows about politics updates so I asked him what happen again to our government. He explains to me that they want to form a new Government. I was like….. HUH????

At this time? where everybody is struggling with the bad economy and hoping for a better future and when everybody is focusing on how to cure the COVIC-19 virus to avoid spreading further? My first question in my head is, Gosh…What is going wrong with these people?

I am not familiar with the political world so with the current crisis that we are facing, is it a good time for them to start fighting about the position? why can’t everybody work together to save our country? Why can’t everybody help each other and be kind to each other if everybody objectives are the same which is to create a better future for Malaysia/Malaysian? Seriously and honestly, I don’t know. 

I am not an expert or influencer for the  World Peace advice, but I guess the only thing I able to do now is:

  1. To pray for a better Malaysia and better World and hope that everything will be back on track soon.
  2. Hope that COVIC-19 virus and all the other killer virus can be cure soonest.
  3. Continue to spread positive energy around and sharing positive notes around.
  4. Always be kind to other people and always be grateful so that I am not part of the negative energy grouping contributor. Kindness is free you do not need to pay to learn =)
  5. Instead of complaining, learn to find solutions and resolved it. If you are not able to resolve it, look for an expert or read more sharing. I love going through Pinterest to look for an idea and recently I like to go in Shihori Obata blog to read the sharing 9 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times.
  6. Learn to appreciate life~~~

Let's Hope For Peace, Love, Happiness

I am wearing Peace, Love & Happiness mantra bangle from Mantra Band to keep myself protected with positive vibes.


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