How Do You Practice Grateful?


Is Friday again and I want to thank you, GOD, for giving me good health and a healthy family. I had a great week (although there are some hiccups but is manageable). Thank you to my parents and my parents in law who is always there when I need some hand and thank you to my beloved husband who been patient with me when I had a bad time.

Thank you to all my friends who are sincerely for treating me as a friend. We might not be meeting up very often, but you all are always in my heart and I sincerely wish you all good health and happiness always.

Thank you for those who visit my page, I am grateful that you are willing to drop by and have a look at my sharing. I sincerely hope that I will be able to contribute to the world by sharing some positive energy. I might not an expert or a good blogger, but I wish I can share some positive information from another good blogger.

I using my TGIF to practice my gratefulness and to recall back all the happiness I enjoy over the week. Once in a while, I will start to complain about a small little tinny thing which now I think back, what a waste of time. Well, I am learning and practising =)

This is why I like what Michael Bonnel sharing about how to be grateful, change negative beliefs and find happiness. I agree with him that depression rate is hiking up and one of the big contributions of this problem is the social media as there are many people sharing their so-called “happiness” where we are not sure how genuine it is. Nobody will know except themself.

Michael also shares how to be grateful with Your Past, Your Present and Your Future. I like this phrase “Once you accept your past, then you can appreciate the present. Once you appreciate the present, then you can influence your future.“. Is so true. Thank You Michael. I appreciate your sharing. 

Is not very easy to handle it but Happiness Is A Habit, just have to practice it to make it perfect. Happy Friday everybody… Let’s share the happiness together by spreading more positive energy and be kind.


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