What is Living Minimalist To You?


A lot of people mentioning about Living Minimalist. But do you actually understand what is Living Minimalist? Some say living minimalist is to remove all the clutters at home, some say eating simple food is minimalist living as well.

So what is living minimalist to you?

To me living minimalist is to live in a simple lifestyle but at the same time having the right balance lifestyle. I am to practice living minimalist now by placing my health as my priority, second is to be more organised and to stop buying unnecessary things. I still keep all my stuff that I have previously bought, but instead of removed it, I try to organised it properly and stop adding in more. Instead of cutting off all the unhealthy food, I minimised the consumption.

I strongly agree with Anna Barling that slow living or living minimalist is about finding the right balance lifestyle by removing the “noise” surrounded you. We are living in a very hectic and busy lifestyle that some people think this is good. Is very dangerous to think that way because you will be ended up exhausted and it might also affect your own health. Try to at least insert a time slot in some time for yourself. Use a planner to be more organised on time management. I am using Passion Planner to organise my weekly activities. If I have missed what I have planned, I will sit down and review again.

Love Yourself

I like the sharing of 29 things I stopped buying by A Little Rose Dust. I think out of 29 things, I have already stopped 10 things (some items is not something I will buy such as makeup, plastic utensil, throw blankets and pillows, clothes and swimsuit). One thing I stop buying is the reusable bottles. Reusable bottles can be recycled but buying too many is also waste of money =P

When I tell my friends that the only thing I want is PEACE, they laugh at me saying that I am too young to think about peace and slowing down. I know I am only 32 years old and still have a long way to go, but if I don’t start to slow down now and look for happiness, how can I survive for another maybe 30 years? What do you guys think?

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