What Is Your Purpose In Life?


What is your purpose in life? Do you think this is the most difficult question? I think this is the most difficult question which I actually still don’t know how to answer it to date. That is why as I mentioned always why I have this blog page. It is to seek my purpose in life and search for my passion.

I have been wondering around for over 10 years (deducting my 21 years as a teenager’s life) searching for my purpose in life. A lot of ups and downs thing happen during these 10 years and all this while, I have been trying to make people around me to be happy and trying to make sure they don’t get angry with me. Till today, I still have this bad habit as in always try to make others happy and I will get exhausted towards the end of the day.

I saw a post shared by Shihori Obata. Auther shared a very interesting post which is 100 questions to ask yourself for self-growth. When I am going through the question, I am shocked, because even the first question I not able to answer X.X. It is such a great post that I am going to use this post to self discover myself. You all can try to go through the question to see if you can answer easily or stuck like me =.=.

Questions to Ask Yourself List for Self Growth

Actually, I have been trying to search for myself for a very long time but so far I still have not discovered yet. I guess I am using the wrong method? I found ways to self discover yourself shared by Laivana. One of the most important points she highlighted is habits. Sometimes, it is our bad habits that stop us from moving.

Are you guys ready to challenge yourself to answer the 100 self-discovery questions?  It looks like I really have a lot to learn in order to discover myself more…

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind


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