Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence


Good Morning Monday…

It is another new week after spending a relaxing weekend. How do you start your new week?

For me, I start my new week by going through the positive affirmations. I love to go through affirmations every morning because It gives me more positive energy to move forward the new week.

While I was going through Pinterest, I notice this affirmation shared by The Remote Yogi. These affirmations are to boost your confidence  ^.^ which is what I need it the most now. The Remote Yogi shared some video by the motivational Guru Tony Robbins on the difference between Affirmations Vs Incantations. She also shared how she uses the affirmations to keep up.


For me, I will go through YouTube or Pinterest to study the affirmations and I will use Canva to design some posters to be printed out so that I can paste it in my planner where I will see it everyday =) As for planner, I used Passion Planner to organize my weekly time table.

This week my affirmation is to be grateful and everything is well and good in my life. The only thing missing now is my confidence. I am trying to build my confidence in order to move forward my goals but before that, I need to be grateful for whatever I have now and what I am going to have will be an additional tool for me to build a better life.


What is your Monday positive affirmation?

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