Happy Chap Goh Mei and Bye Chinese New Year~~


Tomorrow marks the last day of Chinese New Year 2020 and everybody will be celebrating Chap Goh Mei Festive. Why celebrate Chap Goh Mei? In pastime, people celebrate Chap Goh Mei to find true love through throwing the mandarin oranges into the sea/river/pond. How? For female, they will throw their mandarin oranges to the sea or river in the believes that they will marry a good husband. 

I guess now a day, people don’t find true love in this way anymore. Mostly they will do it as part of fun activity with family by written wishes on mandarin oranges and throw into the sea for a blessing. I never do that before, because I seriously feel is a bit wasteful to throw it away and honestly, I don’t know will it cause pollution for the sea/pond/river >.< Hopefully is not.

This year I had a great Chinese New Year celebration. Maybe because I learn to be grateful and appreciate people around me. I learn to accept that nobody is perfect and we unable to change anybody except ourself. I learn to let go of the grudge and walk away from negative people.


Tangerine Pattern: DROPS Design

Mousy Pattern: Pink Mouse Boutique

Happy Chap Goh Mei everybody.. How do you celebrate your Chap Goh Mei? I will be having dinner gathering with my family again ^.^

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