Start New Week With Positive Thoughts


After 1 week of holiday and spending so much time with my loved one, today is the first day I start my work (my full-time job). Of course, I feel lazy and demotivated at first because after 1 week off, however, I need to be firm and move forward. Nobody can be lazying around forever.

My Monday morning thoughts are very important for me to move forward the whole week. I need to stay positive in order to be able to stay focus on my objective which I have set at the beginning of the year.

Monday Quote

First thing before I start my day is to have a good coffee =) and breakfast. Eating breakfast gives me more energy to kick-start my day. Of course, you will need to ensure your breakfast is healthy and not full of fried foods =.=”. To save money, I prepare/brew my own coffee and loving my new travel mug by MiiR x Starbucks CNY 2020 collection.


Thereafter, I open up my Passion Planner to start planning and organise for the new week. I have to thank Passion Planner for allowing me to print the template by myself because due to shipping the planner to Malaysia is very expensive. I wish to own 1 in one day =)


Is 2nd month of the year, I am moving forward step by step now. How about you? What have you accomplished so far?


2 responses to “Start New Week With Positive Thoughts”

  1. […] out so that I can paste it in my planner where I will see it everyday =) As for planner, I used Passion Planner to organize my weekly time […]

  2. […] slot in some time for yourself. Use a planner to be more organised on time management. I am using Passion Planner to organise my weekly activities. If I have missed what I have planned, I will sit down and review […]

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