My Own DIY Sanitizer


Recently due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, everybody starts to get worried about their health and very concern on how fast this virus is spreading around the world. I have read some of the sad negative posts at the social media that Wuhan people deserve it because they have been eating the exotic wildlife and this virus is likely to come from the wild animals at the seafood market. 

Honestly, I feel sad about this kind of negative comment because not everybody deserves to be treated this way. I always pray for peace and kindness to be spread around the world and may the kind people stay safe and healthy. Hopefully, the virus can be cured soonest. 

In Malaysia, there are 7 cases as to date and all Malaysians start to worry and they have started to stock up the face mask, antibacterial wipe/tissues and also hand sanitizer for precaution. 

Of course, I wanted to get hand sanitizer for myself too but I am so surprised that every pharmacy is out of stock and the same goes to the face mask. Everyone is doing the precautionary steps. So I have no choice because everywhere is out of stock, I will just have to DIY my own hand sanitizer 😊


I bought a 100% aloe vera gel and I mixed with my Doterra Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils (about 5-8 drops depends on your preference) as both oils can prevent antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. I use aloe very gel because is fragrance-free and also it helps to moisturize the skin so that you can apply anytime without worrying too much chemical on your hand. 😊

Simple DIY hand sanitizer spray recipe + free printable labels & recipe cards. Learn which essential oils are best for hand sanitizers with antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties

Shared by: One Essential Community

It works well for me so far, why don’t you guys try it out?

Stay safe everyone and take care…

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