Cute Mochi Bunny for TGIF


Hello weekend ❤ make it last!

Another weekend arrives and 1 more week to go is already Chinese New Year. How do I feel? I feel excited because I got more time to focus on my project and of course, I will have more time to search for happiness information to be shared around.

Today is Friday and I want to share my other cutie amigurumi project, Cute Mochi Bunny Amigurumi pattern shared by Woolpatterns.


This cute mochi bunny pattern is suitable for beginners and most important is, they are so cute~~~, of course, I use mixture of colours so that they look more attractive because we want our life to be more colourful am I right?

I was thinking to conduct Crochet For Fun classes so that people who are interested can join me to crochet together and we can learn to create happiness together. What do you guys think?

Give me some thought and ideas by commenting on my post?

Happy weekend guys~~

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