7 Steps to Happiness


I wish to share these steps because is what I am trying to achieve in the year 2020.

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Source : TryLife

The 7 steps of happiness share by TryLife. Of course, changing our bad habit is not something we can do it in one day. It will take some time and we will need to be firm if we want to move forward for the betterment. We should take one step at a time and choose to priorities which is the steps we want to start first.

Among the 7 steps, my priority is :

  1. Think Less, Feel More,
  2. Talk Less, Listen More,
  3. Complain Less, Appreciate More.

I always think too much and end up I get very anxious. That is why my Handcraft project delayed for a year because I have been thinking nobody will care, nobody will read and like my project, I am not good enough, there is a lot of people out there already started similar project why would people want to choose mine. There is one moment I tell myself, why am I thinking so much where I have not even tried the 1st step. That is why I started my page first and now slowly planning to next steps. I don’t have a lot of likes on my page but I am very grateful that there are already 166 followers since June 2019.

The next steps I want to priorities is to talk less and learn to listen. This is the problem if you always think your idea is better. I have this habit that whenever people giving a comment, I will jump in before they end the conversation. This is seriously very bad and now I think back, is very irritating as well. I learn to listen now, and whenever I want to comment anything, I quickly stop myself from going further and listen. Is not easy because I still trying to improve =). Inc.com share the 7 Smart Reasons You Should Talk Less and Listen More and I think is very true.. What do you think?

Next is also the most important steps. Complaint less and Appreciate more. Before I started my page, I always tell people I am very stress, I wish I can do something~~~~but~~~~, I wish I can help somebody~~but~~~~~, Why my life is like this~~~ why nobody care~~~ OMG!! Irritating!!!

Gosh, I hate myself for complaining so much about my life.  Now I learn to keep my mouth shut and sit down calmly and think about all the things I own. I have everything I need, I have a healthy family, I have freedom in doing anything I want and I don’t have to worry about hunger where outside there are a lot of people who are struggling and not very lucky like me. Is all about being grateful with what we have. I love this sharing by Lauren Stewart where is share at Tiny Buddha. 10 ways to complaint less and be happier.

in the year 2020, I will be prioritising this 3 steps first. How about you?

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