Goodbye 2019


Today marks the last day of 2019. Is time to say goodbye to 2019. A lot of things happen this year. There are goods and bads memories. A lot of people is sharing their 9 most likes pictures but I wish to share my 9 most memorable pictures to end my 2019 blog.

In 2019:

  1. I have registered a Facebook page KittyPiggy Handmade to share my handmade art.
  2. I start to learn sewing and attended a few classes with Midnight Seamstress to familiarise with sewing skill. Is a wonderful experience.
  3. I attended Wang Lee Hom concert and is also my first time attending a concert. My husband decided to attend together with me even though he doesn’t really understand Chinese. I am seriously very grateful.
  4. My beloved baby dog and all my family members are in good health and everybody is happy. I am grateful.
  5. I love art but I can’t really draw so I decided to attend the needle punch classes organize by Herohandco. Needle punch art is really very relaxing and therapeutic. Is suitable for those who are looking for weekend activity to release stress.
  6.  Amitabha~~~~never miss my prayer at Nine Emporer Gods Temple.
  7. I finally decided to use my apartment as my art gallery and I plan to have some get along together activities there.
  8. My hubby bought me a Apple Watch as a birthday gift. Thank you~~~
  9. My hubby surprises me with a Christmas present. And the Chanel perfume packaging is so beautiful.


I might not get a lot of likes for my Instagram pictures, but I guess being grateful and appreciate all the good memories are more important than getting Likes on social media =)


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