How I Handle My Mental Health


Have you ever think about your Mental Health?

“Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood” (MentalHealth.Gov)

With the current modern and social media tech world,  friendship and family bonding are no longer in the priority list. Kindness is getting less and Inhumanity is increasing. I still remember when I was watching the Joker movie, I was crying quietly because I was very sad that this is very real and is also happening in our world. That reason leads to an increase in the suicide case. “The 2017 National Health and Morbidity Survey reported that 29 per cent of Malaysians have depression and anxiety disorder compared to 12 per cent in 2011. The survey also reported that suicidal thoughts among teenagers aged 13 to 17 have increased from 7.9 per cent in 2012 to 10 per cent in 2017”. (NST.Com)

If you ask me, have I ever think about suicide? I can tell you very honestly, I do. I feel so tired of the world, I hate my life, I hate the world. Whenever I watch some video showing brutality on animals and humans, I will start crying again. In the office, when I  unable to resolve my client’s problem due to certain limitation, I will start crying alone again and I hate myself so much. In the middle of the night, I will be awake and start crying quietly but I don’t know for what reason. I tried to end my life, but I keep telling myself I cannot do that for the sake of my parents. My parents will go crazy if I really did that.

Thank God, because I have a healthy family background and because of my family love, I tell myself, I need to wake up and walk out from this negative mindset. That is where I start searching for something to do as a hobby. I decided to start venturing in art and handcraft activity. I reduce my viewing at the social media platform. If I do enter, is more on searching for ideas and looking for classes to attend.

I even started this blog to note down my journey, that is the reason why I name it as Kittypiggy Colourful Life~~ I start to live as a minimalist and stop buying unnecessary things and be grateful with whatever I have now. I read a lot of positive books to keep my mind positive. I start journaling so that I can write my gratitude to everybody and GOD.  I start posting my project on FB to create happiness energy. I took a long leave in order to do planning for my Handcraft Gallery. I learn to ignore my office message and let go of my official complaint because I know there is nothing I can do.

I notice that I start to be more positive and the idea of suicide is no longer in my mind. I still sometimes feel upset with my office problem but I try to tell myself that there is nothing I can do.

Today I will not stress over things I can't control | #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #girlboss #quotes

How I handle my Mental Health:

  1. Look for something new that you will never think of doing it in your life.
  2. Reduce the time viewing social media platform. If you want to, look at positive news instead.
  3. Learn to blog/write a gratitude journal.
  4. Learn to be grateful and live minimalist. Stop comparing with other people life.
  5. Read positive books.
  6. Be kind and spread the kindness energy to the world.
  7. Ignore things that you unable to control as human loves to complain about anything.
  8. Life is colourful~~~


-Happy Weekend-


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