Octopus Day~~


Have you ever wish that you are octopus so that you can slap 8 people at once? =P


Thanks to The Minds Journal, the below quote really makes my day. I guess for everybody who is working as the front line, they will have this feeling. Same as me. Sometimes, I will have to face a demanding client who always thinks they deserved for the best and other people is not in their circle. Especially when they think they have paid so much for something and they think they can humiliate other people.  This is the time you feel like being octopus so that you can slap them few times in one time =P


Of course, we cannot do that, is just a feeling. Thank God, not all client is selfish, I meet a lot kind client as well. God Bless to those who are kind. I hope there are more kind people in this world so that the negative people will be eliminated in this world.

When I see this quote I suddenly remember of the little crochet octopus. This cute little octopus pattern is by Crafty Kitty Crochet.


-I took another week off again to do some planning on my project, hopefully I can start announcing soon-

4 responses to “Octopus Day~~”

  1. The octopus are so cute!

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