December is Spreading Love Month~~


Christmas is around the corner and is also a time where everybody will arrange a gift for their love one and plan for a trip to visit your love one. However, not everybody has the chance to meet up with their family very frequently. Is either due to work commitment, staying too far or family commitment.

I come across this video clip from Digicel. I can’t stop my tears from falling when I see their reaction from the moment they meet up their family which they have not meet for years… That is right, is years.. not days…

I am seriously very grateful that I am staying very near to my family where I can visit them anytime whenever I have spare time. I will even start missing them so much if that week I was busy and not able to go back to visit them. Is already Saturday today and hopefully you able to spare some time to visit your love one who is nearby.

Appreciate the time you have, don’t wait till they are not around and that time is too late to regret.


Happy Weekend~~

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