My Life is My Own Responsibility


My off days is ending today and tomorrow, I will have to go back office to face those negative energy.  Honestly, if I am telling you I am ready to go back to work tomorrow it will be a lie. However, since I have chosen to continue this career and therefore I should not complain and face the challenges with a positive mindset at the same time also search for solutions to reduce the negative energy.

Sometimes I will sit down and ask myself, What is the purpose of me living, Why am I living in this world, Who is making my life miserable and How do I continue living happily for the rest of my life. Honestly, the What and Why question, I am still looking for the answer but Who is making my life miserable? Answer ———> “My Job” and How do I continue living happily? Answer ———–> Do something I love and I am passionate with.

Before I go back, I decided to attend another workshop organise by @Herohand. This is because I found out that handmade and art & craft world makes me happy and satisfying. This time round I attended their thread painting punch needle workshop. You know why I love the punch needle art? Is because you do not need an art talent to come out with your own art masterpiece.

This workshop suitable for people like me who do not have any drawing art talent but wish to come out with something on my own. Before you start, you just need to trace the artwork on the fabric and tadaa……. I can start “painting” my masterpiece art =P

Before you start ‘”Painting”, you need to choose your preference “Paint colours”.


This “painting” requires a lot of patience but the outcome is seriously very satisfying. I mean normal painting need patience too right? I love the colour so much, just like my blog, colourful life~~


I always tell myself that My life is my own responsibility and if I have chosen to continue this career, stop complaining and look for solutions and if I want to have a happy lifestyle, is my responsibility to look for ways to stay happy and positive.


Life is not always dark, Find ways to stay colourful~~



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