Happy Belated Halloween~~


I know is a bit late to post this but I had been losing track these few weeks because of my work. This is the problem if you are not learning to priorities your time =(

I had a very bad experience recently because of work. My work is draining my energy and makes me very tired every day too. Anyway, I don’t want to complain anymore because all this can be stop if I learn to let go. I took a few days off to really think about it. I have been asking myself, is it worth it living in such a life. I know the answer of course, so I am finding for the solutions.

I still wanted to post this handmade work of mine although is a week late because I am trying to put back myself back on track. I have gotten this pattern from Wendy Li Designs. It did not look good because I use the round shape eye. I did not have the time to get the actual shape eye as suggested by the designer. As for the Halloween hat is from MaryJ Handmade.


I know is not easy to be back on track, but I am reminding myself that life is very short. I really need to learn to priorities my time.

Happy Belated Halloween =)

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