Happy Malaysia Day


Happy Malaysia Day~~~

I am always an emotional person, when I see this video, seriously I feel touch and emotional. This event run by Suria FM is very interesting and touching. During the Malaysia Day, the Dikir Barat Team Pagi Suria presenting a Dikir Barat performance near the train station.

Seeing everybody around with the national costume, makes my heart feel giddy while watching this performance. I feel proud suddenly at the same time I feel sad as I also recall some of the negative event happening around us which involving racists issue. I really wish each and every one of us can learn to be more grateful with everything we have right now and stop being racists. We all have weakness and we should learn to improve instead of criticising and blaming each other.

I always remind myself, when one finger is pointing at one person, the other 4 fingers are pointing at me myself. We all have strength and also weakness. Let’s learn together and be a better person for our country. Be grateful and be appreciative.

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