Crochet Basket


Is Friday again today. The weekend is here again and I start to think about what should I do on the weekend again. This weekend will be a long holiday due to Hari Raya Haji on Sunday and there is a replacement holiday on Monday. That is the advantage of working for other people. There is always good and bad things in everything, nothing is always perfect and you can’t have everything you want in life.

Ta da…. I have completed another crochet project for myself. I used Salmon color T-shirt yarn to do this basket. Please forgive me with the image color. It looks different because of the lighting. This basket is to organize all my essential oil and is easier for me to bring around the house. I used half double crochet stitch to do this project. I love to use T-Shirt yarn but the material is a bit heavy. To crochet bag with T-shirt yarn is nice but I feel the bag will be heavy without even putting anything inside.

Like I say, nothing is perfect. There is always a little limitation for everything. Just need to be grateful and learn to appreciate the good thing =)

Happy Weekend Everybody~~~

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