Handmade Accessories Workshop


Another fruitful and fun weekend activity. I attended my final handmade accessories workshop. Previously I signed up for 3 classes at Elegant Jewellery Studio. They are located at Shangri La Hotel KL. One workshop is about RM198.00 but if you take more will be cheaper.

I have shared before the first workshop I attended previously is learning the Basic Jewellery Making. The second workshop is learning Basic Charms. They will provide all the tools and accessories. You just need to bring yourself there =) The basic charms skill looks easy but it takes me 3 hours to complete it. You need creativity and you have to know how to place the charms correctly if not it will look messy and not organize.

The final workshop is making Audrey Necklace. Before these workshops, I always feel that some accessories are very expensive but after learning to make one by myself, I understand why is it pricy. All these accessories it takes time and for those more sophisticated ones will squeeze your brain too.

I am planning to attend more workshop because they have other interesting class. The next class I am planning to take is Flowing River Accessories, Lollipop Design Accessories and Pearly In The Cage Accessories. The name itself is interesting =)

Attending the weekend workshop change my thinking and mindset. We always take things for granted and we often forget that life is very short. We shouldn’t waste it by complaining about everything and anything. Instead of wasting time complaining about how sad and stress is your life, why don’t use the time to do something more meaningful.

Let’s learn together and explore together to have a better mindset and life.

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