Punch Needle Art Workshop


Another year of birthday passed. I am already 31 years old. How time flies. I am growing older. As an when you grow older, you wish for more peace and happiness. I have been practising minimalist lifestyle and hope for more peace in my life. This year my birthday, I decided to sign up a ticket for an art workshop. I have signed up Punch Needle Art workshop organized by Herohand.Co.

Why am I interested with this punch needle art is because it involves colourful yarns too. I love all those yarns because all of it is very colourful and is very unique because yarns make artwork. I never know I will love anything about art because when I was young I dislike art and I never take art subject very seriously.


This workshop conducted in 3 hours and everybody who attended enjoy it very much. All of us get a chance to chit chat with each other and also exploring techniques of the punch needle. At the beginning is a bit difficult because we still yet to master the technique, but as an when it goes on, it gets easier.

I have bought a set of the bigger hoop and also 1-meter monk’s cloth so that I can come out with my artwork. Busy with my office work recently so after this few days, I should have time to continue my handmade project.


Attending the weekend workshop not only able to release your stress, but also allow you to meet more new friends. In the same time, escape from anxiety and depression. That is why I have been very active attending a weekend workshop. Wish to share information with more people who are interested to live in happiness.

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