My Crochet Basket Bag


I am grateful that I finally found my passion which is crocheting. The most important for me now is to not give up and to sustain it. I am still learning and exploring but I know for sure that crochet makes my mind peace and calm which is what I need it now.

I have completed my basket and I got the pattern from bobwilson123. Is very simple single crochet and double crochet pattern. Bobwilson123 used 2 strands of worsted yarn, but I decided to used Jombo Cotton Yarn so that I don’t have to crochet with 2 strands of yarn which I feel is confusing sometimes. I added the yellow flower on it so that it stands out together with the basket bag. I have shared where I have gotten the pattern of the Colourful Flower previously and you can have a look there.

This basket bag I will be using it to keep my new project yarns so that I can bring it everywhere.

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