My New Handmade Project FB Page


Is been sometimes again I haven being updating my beloved blog. Yap, busy with work at the same time busy looking for my direction. As an when you grow older, you tend to lost direction more easily. Is hard to maintain your positive energy but I still trying very hard not to give up.

I have been exploring a lot of activities to look for my passion. I think I have found it and I slowly expanding it. Not sure it will be the right one, but I tell myself to just go ahead and try it. No harm trying and take action rather than sit down doing nothing and complaining about my life.

So I have started a Facebook Page and I named it KittyPiggy Handmade World.  Is a good start for 1st day of July 2019.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 9.27.18 AM

This page will be sharing more on my handmade project and my experience of attending the weekend workshop. I love crocheting. I am still a beginner and wish to expand my crochet skill. In the same time, I love attending those weekend workshop to learn a new skill. Working in the corporate world is very challenging and also very stressful especially you are a front line customer service, I feel that is good to share with more people like me that attending the weekend workshop will slow down your pace during the weekend and be more relax.

I hope that I will be able to share more on my newly created page.


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