Smiley Day with Cheer Essential Oil


I have been looking for my passion and interest for a long time so that I can stay happy and positive every day. I learn to be grateful in everything which is happening around me and I learn to move away from negativity. That is why I have been attending a lot of courses just to search for my Colourfullife.

I slowly discovering my passion. One of is crocheting. I love this hobby because while crocheting, I am able to forget the stressful day and all the negative energy that happen to me. I have completed another crochet project. I call her Smiley. Smiley is suitable to be used together with Cheer essential oil.

Doterra Cheer Essential Oil, an uplifting blend that promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness & happiness. Cheer oil will also counteract negative emotions of feeling down, blue or low…


Happy Tuesday~~~ Those who are interested can follow our facebook page: The Essential Elements for more details.

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