Learning Watercolour Skills


I have decided to use my weekend to learn new skills and meet new friends. I took a watercolour workshop at Midori Studio. Is a wonderful and relaxing experience. I have not been painting and using watercolour for like more than 20 years.

Why I take this workshop is because I love colours. I am grateful that God gave me eyesight that can see colours perfectly. I have decided to fully utilise my weekend for something more meaningful instead of just sitting down do nothing and complaining about my work.

This workshop conducted by a watercolour artist/calligraphy, Ykeelee.  Is really nice meeting her because I feel she has the same problem as me. She also faces a lot of problem at her work and started watercolour painting & calligraphy since 2016. She focuses more on floral watercolour painting and she Loves flowers. Last year she started going around doing workshop full time and I am grateful to meet her and share with her my plan as well. Wish to meet her for the next workshop.

Cherry blossom theme….

3 responses to “Learning Watercolour Skills”

  1. Beautiful 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the details, it’s gorgeous

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