Self Improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life



Hello, November 2018. The year 2018 is ending soon and of course, again we will start asking our self again what have we achieve in this year. Are we still with our 2018 new year resolutions or we have already forgotten about it?

Honestly, I have lost track on some of it. Except I still stick with my KITTYPIGGYCOLOURFULL Blog =) Still love to share the positive energy around. We are learning together to be a HAPPY Person =)

I was going thru some articles and I found this great article share by Thoughts Above. What she shared in her blog is very true. In order to improve our life, there are two things should be kept in mind which is:

  1. An ongoing process which is not about making one big gesture and we say we are done. Instead is something that you will need to work on and review regularly.
  2. improve your habit, behaviours, actions and reactions which involve every small thing you do every day.

She shared 16 practicals ways to help improve your life and I am reviewing myself now:

1. Set up a good daily habit 

We should stick to our good habit and eliminate the bad one. Not easy of course to eliminate the old habit. But you will have to in order to have a better life.

2.  Always plan your day the night before

That is why I love my planner. I always plan my daily work but of course, I need to plan one day ahead instead of on an actual day cause it will take up some time to get yourself organize on an actual day.

3. Develop a consistent morning routine

Ok, this one is a very difficult task. I never able to stick with it. I try to do some simple exercise the first thing I am awake but it will always end up I have no time because of the need to rush out to avoid massive traffic in KL road. Need more improvement on this habit.

4. Learn to become a morning person

I am not a morning person, but every day I will wake up around 6am or 6.15am to prepare breakfast for my husband doggy and prepare my husband and my morning drinks. I will ensure I leave the house before 7.15am to work. This is the best time where the traffic is still okay and I reach office earlier. I love to reach office earlier so that I have time to settle down and warm up before the hectic day.

5. Look after yourself

Okay, this is what I am trying to do now. Taking care of my body. I notice my stamina is dropping and I get tired very fast. I guess part of it is because of my age. 30 this year. 31 next year. I start to eat more healthy food and supplements. In addition, I try to do simple exercise every day. My next target is to ensure I go out and do more exploration to see the world and stop procrastinating my plan to travel.

6. Always be on the lookout and find new opportunities

This is another serious thing I need to look into it. I keep myself in a box for too long and I tend to afraid to walk out of the box. “Procrastinate” is the one stopping me from moving forward. I will have to look into this very seriously.

7. Manage your finances properly

So far I am doing this quite bad in managing my financial but not to the extent that I have bad debt. Is more like no saving and no spare cash for an emergency. What I’m trying to do to improve this bad habit is to ask myself the below question before I purchase it:

  • Do I need it?
  • What I’m going to do with it?
  • Will it make me better to own it?
  • Can I resale it in future with a better price in future?

8. Treat yourself / better self-care

I guess this is more like item 5?

9. Listen to motivational audios

I hardly listen to motivational audios, but I read. I love to search for a motivational article. This keeps myself reminded to stay positive and also to extend the positive article more people.

10. Read a real book about self-improvement and personal growth

I read a lot of novels. Self-improvement, not many, because I  mostly read through blogs/article. Guess I need to slowly change my reading material too. Reading good books broaden your mind.

11. Become BFF with positive self-affirmation

Owh I love this. I always go through Pinterest for positive self-affirmation. Is a good kick start for the day.

12. Get a better sleeping habit

This is the worst habit that till now I still yet to improve. I tend to sleep very late every day. Like 12am and woke up at 6.00am. I try to sleep at 11pm. So far only manage for the first few days, thereafter back to the bad habit.

13. Set achievable goals and create and review your goals

Yap, I am reviewing my goals now. Trying to review my 2018 goals what have I done and why I did not achieve it.

14. Journal your thought

I do that every day now. In a hardcopy journal and also in my Kittypiggycolourfullife blog. There is room for improvement, of course, to move further.

15. Gain as much knowledge as you can

Knowledge is very important for us to move further. That is why every day I will find a time to at least go thru a few research and news to learn new things. I subscribe Magzter so that I can have access to a different kind of magazine.

16. Revisit your goals

That is what I am doing now on the 1st day of November 2018 =)

Start preparing for the 2019 year and review your resolutions..



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  1. Hi. You might like “Simple Abundance”. It is a day book filled with short essays for each day. You learn how to truly see and manifest the wealth and beauty you have inside. The focus is on learning to live joyfully in the present and envision and bring into being a better life.

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