9 Habit to Stop To Avoid Depression and Anxiety


Hello Friday…

Sometimes I always feel the time flies to fast and once you waste it, you will never get it back. That is the scariest part. That is why we always remind each other to live your life to the fullest and don’t waste the time with negative energy. I read an article and I feel that is good to share this article.

The owner of this article is Tia Harding and she is sharing about the 9 things she stopped doing that helped her depression and anxiety.  To me, is a very good advice because I think we all have this same habit where it will lead us to walk into depression.

I was reviewing myself with this 9 bad habit as below:

1st bad habit: Alcoholic –

I am out with this habit because I don’t drink cause is bitter….

2nd bad habit: Social Media Usage

Okay, this is a very serious problem. You start comparing yourself whenever you going through social media. Then you tend to want to have it too which is a very bad habit. That is why I stop going thru Facebook now unless is due to work purpose. Instagram, yes, just to share some positive photos to share more positive energy around.

3rd bad habit: Staying up late

This is my famous ever bad habit. I stay up late. I will normally sleep around 12am or sometimes later. Doing what, reading and sometimes watching YouTube or doing my crochet project (my recent new hobby =)). This is the habit that I am trying to eliminate but failed. Will try harder.

4th bad habit: Eating Junk Food 

Hmm.. I’m not really a junk food person, but once a while I still eat a little that is like my cheat day. Should be quite safe.. haha..

5th bad habit: Too much coffee

Ok, this is bad too? when I was reading it I was like, Oh shit…. Coffee is a bad habit too… I guess so cause I get addicted to coffee too. I can have 3 cups a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). I slowly trying to cut down into 1 cup a day. So instead of having coffee in the morning, I have it at lunch. I replace my morning drink with some healthy protein drinks and Dinner with hot tea.

6th bad habit: Comparing yourself with others

I think this is the biggest problem everybody is facing especially Chinese. Chinese family like to compare each other. They always feel that should be better than others. That is why we have a trademark as Chinese is “kiasu” person. (scare to lost). So how I do it I will walk away when people are in the conversation of comparing each other. I will find an excuse to escape because I don’t want to involve in this kind of conversation.

7th bad habit: Complaining most of the time 

Yes, Malaysian.. complaining about everything. Nothing is ever perfect from them. I am once like that too. That is why I am always grumpy. Now, I let to let go this negative habit. I learn to be grateful and be gratitude with whatever I have now. I learn to appreciate every single thing which happens to me. I learn to live a moderate lifestyle. By living moderately, you learn to satisfy even small things.

8th bad habit: Beating yourself up

I learn to love myself now too by taking care of my health and learning to say NO to things that I’m not comfortable doing or beyond my control. By doing it, I am more happy and positive person.

9th bad habit: Worrying too much 

This is really my expertise. I always worry too much. I will worry millions of things which might not happen. How do I handle this habit is whenever some negative thought comes into my mind, I will try to tell my mind, please don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. Everything is going to be alright. Is more on meditation to stay positive. So far, I’m handling well =)

Nice one. Thanks Tia Harding. I just love this article and is so good to have myself reviewed it on Friday. Is should be a more relaxing Friday with my Balance Doterra Essential Oils. This is another way I used to relax my mind. Apply it on the bottom of your feet to lessen stress throughout the day. Another way is to apply to your wrist or to your neck to help with nerves.


Happy Friday…

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