How to Stay Positive Every Day


Most of the times, you are surrounded by negative energy. There are lots of negative people, negative scene or negative behaviour. I am a person who gets distracted by negative actions easily. I will get distracted by even small incidents. If the incident is negative, I will be very down the whole day. This is a very bad habit.

So I try to find a way to ensure I appreciate every single day and be positive every single day. Even when I have encountered negative energy, I will make sure it will just be a few hours thing and be back on track.

The first thing I will do when I’m feeling down is reading. Reading novel of course because normally novel is always ending with happiness. Just like the cartoon, happy ever after. This will distract my negative energy away. Currently, I am reading Crazy Rich Asian. Is on a movie now and I heard is good, but I still want to read first before I watch the movie.


The next ways to distract my negative energy is learning DIY (Do it yourself). I am learning crochet now. Is interesting and also it makes your brain concentrate on how to complete your project instead of thinking negative actions. Just started with basic and learning at a craft centre near my house. The centre name is Hooked. They have 3 options for the class package.

1st option is Monthly pass which cost RM298.00 where you can go to their centre unlimited times within a month. 2nd option is Weekend pass cost RM320.00 for 7 classes within 3 months you can choose to attend any weekend class 7 times. The 3rd option is a visiting basis which cost RM65.00 per visit. You can learn to crochet, knitting or sewing. All depends on what you want to learn. One project might take up a few classes to complete.

I have attended the 2nd classes as I started with basic crochet because I have no knowledge in crochet at all. I wanted to learn doll crochet, it seems that this will be level 2. I will have to start with level 1 first. I am making my first own bags. In progress and hoping I can complete it soon so that I can start my doll crochet. But crochet really makes me relax and focus. While doing the crochet, I start to meditate and think about how grateful am I with my life.


The next activities I will do is EAT!!! I am not a person who is particular with food. As long as I have food, I will be very happy. While eating I will always tell myself to thank God I do not have to beg for food. While eating I will always take the opportunity to read my book. Reading broadens your mind.

Breakfast I have mee hun goreng from Petronas cost RM3.50 (I know is a bit heavy for morning breakfast but once a while should be ok as long as not everyday =P).  Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh at One Utama shopping mall for lunch with my friends. Too much meat dishes here (not a meat person).  The tau fu pok and mushroom s mine. The bak kut teh is nice but is a bit pricey compared to the normal shop at the roadside. Can’t blame them, shopping mall rental is crazy expensive.

Is already October 2018. Time is moving every single second. Why not we try to make us of our life to collect all the happy memory instead of living miserably every day. Another way of staying positive is to follow the positive quotes page. They will remind you every single day to stay positive. Recently I followed this page of Spirit Of Buddhism And Science. The quotes are so meaningful that I always share with my husband, friends and family.


Enjoy every single day. Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be another good day.

Happy weekend.

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