Roller Coaster Life and Steps to Move Forward


This picture reminds me of our life. Our life is like a roller coaster track. Is always up and down. You might not know what is coming in front but when you are on the track you not able to run but you have to continue moving forward.

I am facing my roller coaster life. Facing lots of challenges. Lost in direction and unsure how to move forward. However, I know I can’t run away because I am already on the roller coaster track =)

What can I do by moving forward?

Her World Malaysia magazine teaching me 5 steps to stay happy.

Step 1 – Surround Yourself With Good People. 

Sometimes sharing your happiness with good people who always motivate you is good because they will encourage you to move forward.

Step 2 – Listen To Good Music

Owh I just love music. When I’m sad I will listen to music, isolate myself from the cruel world. I do facing a few problems with my work and also my personal matter. Feeling very exhausted sometimes because struggling to move forward. I love to go through YouTube because there is a lot of good video clip shared by Youtubers. I currently love this Video clip post by this Chinese group of music student I guess. This song originally sang by Jay Chou. Very meaningful lyrics for people who are facing challenges in life.

Step 3 – Step Out

Going outdoor with your friends or family or maybe alone. Yap, I need some time to be alone now. I need some space for myself to plan for my next steps. Maybe this weekend I will find a quiet space to meditate =)

Step 4 – Do What You Love

Sometimes negative energy drag you down to hell that you have lost your direction and motivation to do anything. You will end up complaining how sad is your life is and how tired your life is. I always have to remind myself that Life is Very Short. STOP COMPLAINING. I love reading. Reading novel release my stress. Currently, I am reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I know the movie is good, but I wanted to finish reading this book before watching the movie. Normally book is more details compare to the movie.

Step 5 – Think Yourself Happy

Yap, I always try to pull back my positive energy. I know I do have negative people around me. I can’t change them, but I can change myself. What I do, I walk away whenever the negative energy coming to me. This will avoid them dragging me down with them =)

Have A Great Thursday…


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