Mooncake Sharing on Mid-Autumn Festive



Seriously I start to feel that time pass so fast that I really not able to catch up with the time. Is another year of Mid Autumn Festive. One of the most fattening festive as well because you will be eating a lot of Mooncake.

This year I bought 2 types of mooncake for my family. It seems that is a Chinese tradition where a daughter who is married will need to buy mooncake for their family. Seriously, I not too sure what is the reason, but you know, Chinese always have a lot of things happening =)

The first mooncake I bought for my mom is the  Starbucks collection. Bought it early this year and got it at the early bird price which is RM128.00 instead of RM148.00. Honestly, I bought it because of the teapot and the stackable mugs. With reload of RM100.00 into the Starbucks card, I can get a free Starbucks woven bag too. In terms of the mooncake taste, they have 4 taste which is Low Sugar White Lotus with York, Mixed Nuts, Green Tea Key Lime and Roselle Blueberry. I personally prefer the Roselle Blueberry because the taste of the berry is nice and the sweetness is just right and the most important is special and different from the original type.


The 2nd set I bought is from GoodChen Hello Kitty Mooncake. This one is actually because I want the bag =P. My beloved Hello Kitty. They have few version but I prefer the Travel cooler bag version because I can use it as my lunch bag (excuses to buy haha..). For cooler bag version, you can choose 5 mooncakes among their flavours which is Durian Lava Mooncake, Chocolate  Lava Cookies Mooncake, White Lotus Double Yolks, Pandan White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake, Premium Musang King Durian, Coco Diva, Yammy Yammy, Uji-Shi Matcha Redbean with Cookies for RM116.10 (Original price is RM129.00). Customer gets additional 1 mooncake for free with One Card.

I personally feel that Premium Musang King Durian and Coco Diva is the best. The musang king durian tastes exactly like durian with their snowy mochi skin. The Coco Diva, with Belgium chocolate, is super like eating chocolate. Love it! Yammy Yammy I feel is just OK, not to fancy with it but before eating durian version, you have to eat Yammy Yammy first, because once you eat the durian the taste is too strong and will cover of the yam taste.


The most special thing is the casing of the mooncake for Durian, Yammy can be recycled. Can use it as accessories storage because there is a cover for it. Interesting…

Today everybody will be rushing back for the family gathering and enjoy the full moon scenery. Sometimes it feels so good to have family love. Nothing is more important than your loved one. Give them some time and attention because when you are lonely and facing any challenges, they are the one who us going to accompany and advise you.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festive everybody.

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