Lightning Strikes Novel by Barbara Freethy


It is a raining season and this few days, most of the morning when I on the way to work is always raining. Today, I see a beautiful sunrise. I am grateful to see it first thing in the morning before I travel to work.


I was feeling bit sleepy today because I slept late last night. The reason why is I am so into my recent reading, Summer Rain by Barbary Freethy. This is the 3rd book of Lightning Strikes Novel. The main character Danielle Monroe who is being disturbed by her father’s death secrets and her family feels that she is the final puzzle to discover the mysteries.


The first book is Beautiful Storm. Where the main character Alicia Monroe become very obsessed with lightning after her father’s plane mysteriously disappeared in the middle of an electrical storm. When the story goes deeper, you get more anxious and wanted to know more and because of the mysterious, you will want to know the ending faster.


Because the 1st book is so interesting, that is why I bought the 2nd book which is Lightning Lingers. Where the main character Katherine Barrett who are dedicated young doctor received a terrified call from her brother T.J he is in trouble and running away to Mexico and how the story still links back with Alicia’s missing father’s mysteries.


These 3 books are fantastic. Is so suitable for the recent weather =P                                   You will fall in love with these books and you feel the satisfaction once they resolved the mysteries. With the action, suspense, romance and family secrets lead to an explosive conclusion.

I don’t see the hardcopy in Malaysia bookstore / online store such as MPH Online & Bookxcess but I bought it from Amazon the Kindle version. There has Lightning Strikes Bundle package for $16.97.



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