Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


My recent favourite book is Harry Potter & The Cursed Child where I bought it at Bookxcess. 


I wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter until the last movie which I have watched with my husband. He is a big fan of Harry Potter. This book is more about after 19 years, Harry Potter and his 2 good friends grow up to become parents and their children story. Is really more about Albus (Harry Potter youngest son) who struggle with his family legacy and Harry’s enemy son, Scorpius Malfoy.

From Amazon, I notice there are some bad reviews about this book. Some say this book is a mess. I personally feel that it wasn’t that bad. There is some confusion if you are not familiar with the earlier story but this is the 8th story. You will not be picking up this book if you have not read or watch the earlier movies right. The interesting part of this book is a Special Rehearsal Edition Script which makes it more interesting. I feel like I am in the scene.

Corporate working life is seriously very tiring and stress sometimes. Reading this book allows me to escape from reality and go into the fantasy world. I was so into the story that I only take 3 days to finish the book and I already miss reading it again =) Sometimes you just don’t have to be so serious about everything. Life is too short and it will shorten your happiness if we are complaining about everything.

You can buy a cheaper book at Bookxcess store or their online store.



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