Difference Between Ours and Mine


My life changed ever since I married. Everything change from Mine to Ours. Nothing wrong with the “Ours” life is just that sometimes I feel that I start losing “Myself”. I start to become another person. Everything I do I will have to consider another party’s feeling. Slowly it has become meaningless because I do not have things that belong to “Mine”. I start to lost all “Mine” things.

I decided to search back things that belong to “Mine”. The first step is to have my own space. I think is fated that I not able to find any replacement tenant for quite sometimes because I decided to use the house my parents gave me as a dowry as a kickstart for searching things that belong to “Mine”.

Sometimes I Just Need Some Space For Myself

This space might be old, but it has a very beautiful view. Sometimes I just need a space for myself to think through =)



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