Your Must Have Monday Oil


Good Morning Monday~~

Yes, I know I have been missing again for a week. I guess I get distracted too easily by my work. Had a hectic week and ups and downs emotions. Somebody told me the other day that is time for me to LOVE MYSELF MORE... I care too much about other people opinions. I care too much about other people feelings. I put myself as last most of the time. That is why I always feeling very tired towards the end of the day.

The first step to loving myself now is to ensure I am fit and healthy. Ever since my marriage, I notice I gain a lot of weight and my body energy deteriorate and get sick very often. I think partly is due to my age, I no longer young anymore and I stop exercising frequently now and the excuse is “NO TIME”.

Yes, is time to be ME now.  The original ME. No more living for other people. To ensure I stay motivated on the first day of being ME, I choose my doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil to be with me. Peppermint Essential oil is an ideal oil for staying attentive and stay awake.

I was going thru All Things Mamma website, sharing on 33 uses for Peppermint Essential oil. She is using Young Living essential oil which is natural essential oil where it can be used for cooking. I am using doTERRA where is also a natural oil where it can also be used for cooking. Monday will never be bluez again with peppermint oil..


Have a great Monday everybody…

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