Citrus Bliss Essential Oils Promote Positive Energy


Just come back from my short break. Took an extra day of leave to service my lovely car. While waiting for my car to be ready, take this opportunity to plan for my part-time business. I am not a business minded person, but sometimes I do wish I can do something apart from office work.

My husband started the first step when I started using essential oil. I told him I never believe in those essential oils until I get to know doTERRA from my colleague. So I give a try. Loving every oils and benefit of it. I start to look for those accessories that able to use it together with the essential oils. I notice most of the accessories is very expensive.

So we decided to source for a supplier to bring in some accessories to sell online. We started our Facebook page called The Essential Elements and we start selling on Lazada and Shopee as well. Of course, is just started and is not really making a lot of profit, but I hope that It will grow one day. No harm trying =)

Necklace Pricing with Citrus Bliss-01.jpg

I wanted to promote Citrus Bliss today is because Monday is always a “blue” day and this oil able to help to reduce stress and anxiety. Is an oil that able to affect your mood by energizing and refreshing your day.

The oil has wild orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, mandarin peel, bergamot peel, tangerine peel, clementine peel essential oil and Vanilla Bean Absolute in it and the aromatic is citrus and sweet which will boost up your happiness feeling.

You may diffuse it with a diffuser, or apply it on your palm and gently massage your palm for relaxation. You may also drip 2 drops on the cotton ball and wear it with the essential oil locket necklace. This you will be able to bring the happiness smell every place you go.

Try it.. Happy Monday everybody…

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