Gratitude Jar Template For Journal


I always love to decorate diaries. I go thru Instagram to look for ideas on how to decorate diaries but the problem I have is I can’t draw (T.T). I tried a few rounds but it turns out disaster. So I was finding ways to see how to decorate my Love Doki diary that I have put one side for sometimes.

Finally, thank you so much, GOD, for loving me, I was not given the skill of drawing but I was given an attitude where I love to learn new skill. I learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator previously. So I start my 1st diary template design by coming out with  Gratitude Jar to write down my daily gratefulness.


I still learning how to create more. While doing it, I apply my Tangerine and Peppermint essential oil on my wrist to make me feel fresher and more focus. I am very grateful that I did not give up on blogging because from blogging, I notice that I able to share more and hoping that I able to send more positive energy to more people. I still improvising the gratitude jar, once is ready, I will love to share on my blog for people to download.

Thanks for reading…


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