Free E-Book by Jojo Moyes


Wanted to share with everyone this lovely website by Pastel and Jeans. She is sharing Jojo Moyes novel for free. Jojo Moyes is one of my favourite author. I first know her is because of “Me Before You” novel. I love it. Once a while I think is best to read some novel, not just the management book because novel able to relax your mind without thinking much while reading =)

Jojo Moyes-01

I just finished reading After You. From the Amazon review, a lot of readers say is not a very nice book because the plot is not as interesting as the first book which is “Me Before You”. In my opinion is still a good novel. Everybody has their weakness and for Lou, she is just too kind where she thinks of other people first before herself. To me is still a very beautiful story.

Happy reading everybody..

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