Things Successful People Do On Monday


Is another new week again. Something bad happens to me yesterday and I did not have a good night sleep. Woke up with feeling bad. Immediately I force my subconscious mind to wake up and do some stretching and prepare breakfast. Is also a raining day. When I am on the way to work, feeling a bit tired, guess is because of yesterday problem, I was asking myself, why I get affected by all this negative energy.

I reached office earlier than I expected, so before I start my work, to avoid the whole day of not feeling good, I apply some Peppermint essential oil on my chest and inhale the smell to freshen up my mind. It feels good after applying some peppermint because peppermint oil is one of the Happy essential oil.


Before I start my day I love to go through Pinterest. This post attracted my attention which is 16 Things Succesful People do on Monday Mornings. I thought is an interesting sharing for Monday. Reminding myself that Tomorrow is another beautiful day. I manage to go through a productive day. Manage to complete a few tasks on time. If you really want to change, first we have to change our mindset.

16 things success ppl do on Monday mornings

Let’s learn together to be a better person and spread the positive energy around.



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