Stay Positive With Gemstone


Is Wednesday and is also very close to last week of July 2018. Time is always moving forward. Time will not stop for negative thinking people to change and to realise how important is it to live happily. I wish to share this important sharing by Lifehack which is 7 Lessons That People Often Learn Too Late in Life.  We always say,  yes we know the below lessons but……. There is always a “BUT” there to stop us from moving forward.

7 Lesson That People Often Learn to Late In Life

If we never notice all this lesson earlier, then instead of saying “BUT” we will say “How I Wish……” or “I Should Have Done This Earlier”….. At that time, is too late to realise and we will not be able to turn back our time. That is why is very important we live our life to the fullest. If we are facing a bad day, instead of complaining, why don’t find a way to resolve it.

I will recommend we use Gemstone. They are not only beautiful, at the same time they able to boost your mood and give you protection too. I never like shopping but I love accessories. Especially accessories with gemstone. I always feel that gemstone able to give me more positive energy. Personally, I love accessories with Amethyst because they have a gently sedative energy that able to promote peacefulness, happiness and contentment. I have a few different gemstone accessories too that I share at the earlier post:

  1.  LIKE YOURSELF! Enhancing My Life With My Tourmaline Bracelete
  2. Positive Energy Accessories
  3. Cruel Society!

Always surround yourself with positive things. Always be grateful and always stay positive. This month is my birthday month. I reward myself with my first Jeoel accessories, the natural gemstone accessories. I normally buy from HOJB. But of course, those from HOJB accessories is simple and really typical gemstone accessories. As for Jeoel, is more fashionable gemstone accessories. Is not very expensive though. The whole set of bangle (exclude the Turquoise Gemstone Ring and also my Mantraband of course) is RM352.00. For this price, I think in Pandora I can only get the bangle.

My First Jeoel

Have a great Wednesday.

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