How To Be More Happy?


Good Morning Monday. I no longer shouting for Monday Blue~~ Instead, I will shout out HELLO MONDAY… IS ANOTHER NEW WEEK BEGIN!!! There are a lot of unhappy people around nowadays. One of the reasons which are also very important to take note that they are unhappy is due to they are not feeling grateful. 

We often overlook being grateful and to notice how lucky we are. Very frequent, when we woke up, the first thing we will say “Arh!! is another bad day,” or “I am so lazy to go work today” or “I just feel something is not right”. Why don’t the first thing when woke up, we say “Thank you God for giving me a peaceful sleep”, “Is a beautiful morning”, or “Today is another good day”. That will wake up your subconscious mind to be more positive instead of being negative first thing in the morning. 

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Before I kick start my Monday office work, I steal a bit of time to go thru Pinterest about happiness post. I found this post about 30 days happiness challenge is very interesting. Is a very simple 30-day activity. Come on, I think this challenge is very simple that everybody can do it. 

30 days happiness challenge.jpg

We often take advantage of our happiness. We overlook that simple thing can be nice and beautiful. Some of us already have enough happiness but because we often ask for more and more. That is why depression visit and stay with us. Let’s share happiness together. Life is very simple. We just have to appreciate everything we have right now.

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Have a lucky Monday~~

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