Today is a Saturday and I am working today. I have to work every Saturday because that is my company’s policy. If I want to keep my current job, I will have to follow the company’s policy. Of course, I am grateful that I have a choice. If I wanted to have Saturday off, I will have to work a full day on Saturday instead of half a day. So today I am working a full day so that I can off next Saturday which is MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Taking this opportunity to go thru some positive articles while having lunch. While browsing I notice this article title that attracted my attention which is “Celebs Who Had Incredible Weight Transformation” by Fitness Vigor. I am not into all this artist thingy and I am not a fan of any artist. I love to listen to music and any nice music I will be interested. So long as I am comfortable with the music. That is why I never really care how the artist looks like and sometimes I don’t even know how they look like.

That is one of the reason why Fitness Vigor’s compilation of those artists is really an eye-opener to me. I didn’t know that they have changed so much. But while I was going through the picture, the first question I ask is Are They Happy With Themselves now? If the answer is YES, then who cares how they look like last time so long they are healthy and Happy now. You can be perfect, slim, fit, beautiful but to maintain all the body spec, you will need to sacrifice certain things such as:

  1. Outing with friends because you worry you will overeat.
  2. Eating junk food, because you worry that all your effort of eating low calories food will be wasted.
  3. Your time I guess because most of the time you will be in the gym.

I’m not sure if I’m right but it happens that among all the artist which stated in Fitness Vigor’s most of the artist is happy with their current look compare to their earlier condition. I believe as long as our body is healthy, it does not matter you are fat or skinny, you will still look beautiful and handsome. =)

I went thru Quora question: Are you currently happy with yourself? Why or Why now? .Only 6 answers the question but out of 6, only 1 person say Yes. 3 person say Yes and No and the balance 2 person say No. The person who says Yes, he/she is happy because she is feeling grateful even with small things like having running water and electricity. The Yes and No is because they already have whatever they need but they want more. The one who says  NO is they feel everything is not enough. I sincerely hope that these few unhappy people will open their mind one day and be Happy as nothing is more important than healthy thinking and mindset.

Me? Every day I am learning to be positive. I love my Mantraband a lot. They are my reminder to be Gratitude every day, have a Peace, Love & Happiness feeling and to have those mantra follow me, I will need strength, hope and courage.


Found an interesting Healthy Tips To Try This Week shared by Lindsay Champion.


Happy Weekend everybody. Life is too short to be always unhappy. Let’s enjoy every single moment happening around us.



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