What I Do When I Stuck In A Road Traffic


This morning I was stuck in a massive jam. I came out earlier today at around 7.00am because I notice this few days traffic is very heavy. Did not know that today is worse than the other days. There are a few drivers are driving very insane. I guess they are not very happy to get stuck in the traffic or maybe they are late for an appointment. I am grateful that today I do not have any morning appointment.

So very calmly I tell myself that nevermind, since I do not have any urgent appointment, so might as well I wait calmly in the car and listen to some music. Because the cars are not moving for a few minutes and even it is moving, it moves very slowly. So I decided to bring out my books and read. The sunshine is giving me hope and peace while I stuck in traffic.

reading in car

As the traffic starts moving more often, for safety purpose, I stop reading and concentrate on driving. Traffic is still very slow, I suspect that there is an accident ahead. So in the car, I start praying to hope that nobody injured and everything is ok.


While driving, I look up at the sky and I notice that I am surrounded by beautiful scene. So with my new habit where I carry my camera around, I used my Canon G12 to snap a photo of the sky and also the roadside flower.

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Flower

With my happy feeling, I continue driving and reached office around 9.00am. Not really sure if there is an accident because I can only see one car moving to the roadside but traffic went smoothly after I passed the section. I guess nobody is injured which is great news. I reached office without feeling tired but energetic and happy that today I have a nice picture to share on my blog.

Today is already Thursday and weekend arriving soon. I know time passes very fast but now each and every day I am appreciating my time and ensure that every day I have a positive thing happening. Have a great day…


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