Why I Like “PaperWork”?


I like to deal with paperwork or administration work. My husband always ask me, “Don’t you feel boring dealing with papers?”. My answer to him is nop and I love it. He asks me why and my answer to him is:

  • Because “PaperWork” will not scold or shout at me for no reason.
  • Because “PaperWork” will not cheat me because is written black and white on it and is my decision to accept it or amend it accordingly.
  • Because “PaperWork” teach me how to be more organized. 
  • Because “PaperWork” gives me time to study and explore more options. 
  • Because “PaperWork” allows me to have peace of mind and learning new things. 
  • Because “Paperwork” gives me the satisfaction of feeling after completion. 
  • Because “Paperwork” assisting me to search for my passion and directions. 

All the reason above,  I will not be able to get it if I am dealing with few customers because people are:

  • Selfish! because they always think they are right. 
  • Selfish! because everybody wants the benefit only for themselves. 
  • Selfish! because they always think their times is more important than other people. 
  • Selfish! because they are envy when others are having a good time. 

Not all is Selfish of course. If I have a choice I prefer to deal with “PaperWork” more because I am not strong enough to deal with Selfish people.

Of course is not a good habit to cut off all communication with people, so I am learning how to protect myself from being influenced by negative customers. I found this article very interesting. Questions you ask yourself when you are facing a negative situation. Is a very good question to ask yourself because, at the end of the day, you do not want to the negative situation to stuck with you for the whole day. This will be affecting you thinking, mood and draining off your positive energy.

How to stay positive in negative situation

Let’s try it and learn to be more positive because the world is very big, let’s explore together and appreciate the happiness we have at every moment. =)


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